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Rattus Novegicus

I'm sorry I do not have any rats to sell at this time
Thanks for the interst

I breed rats as feeders for my snakes, but I also breed for color just because I enjoy it.

E-mail me for availability

Rats and Mice also available pre-processed (Alive) !!! My mice rats are humanely euthanized using CO2 CO2 set up for Euthanizing Mice and Rats
  Click here to learn how to set up your own CO2 chamber
Mouse rack,  I built that! They are expecting a cheerio.  They are so cute it's hard not to spoil them some! Rat Rack, I built this too!

Just another old shed skin!
Nothing to see here!



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Cheryl Marchek


 I know a lot of people prefer not to use yahoo.com addresses
But I've used this address for several years and am comfortable with it
We can exchange phone numbers if a deal is in progress


Please do not take my photo's as your own.
They were a lot of work for me to get decent photo's

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