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We do a little bit of everything!
available seasonally~
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$3 a dozen brown eggs


Hatching eggs~
All green eggs $5 a dozen
Mixed brown and green $4 a dozen

Easter egger chicks
$2 each

White and Black Bantam Silkie chickens
$2 each for chicks or
$5 dozen for hatching eggs

African Grey Geese
Goslings $5 each
Hatching eggs $25 dozen
Can mix with Turkey eggs to make Dozen

Standard Bronze Turkey
Poults $5 each
Hatching Eggs $25 a dozen
Can mix with Goose eggs to make dozen
Peacock Chicks
India Blue and Black shoulder
20 each
Hatching Eggs $10 each
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Ball Pythons
14' Clutches
13' clutches
10',11' and 12' Clutches
09' clutches
08' clutches
07' clutches
05' and 06' clutches
I still do the Ball Pythons!
Feel free to browse the currently available
and the past clutch information


Currently available
for Sale or Trade

Ball Pythons

Boer Meat goats~
CAE Tested negative herd
No kids on the ground right now~
Usually *around*
Bucklings $75
Doelings $125
Nubian Milk Goats
CAE Tested negative herd
No kids for sale at this time
usually *around*
Bucklings $75
Doelings $150
****Occasionally goat or cow milk for CRAFT USE only available****
email for availability


Grass fed, No hormones, No Antibiotics Beef
I raise several calves a year on milk from nurse cow Bossy
Calves are dairy bull calves I buy at a couple days old and raise here on the farm
The calves are processed locally, you choose how you want your beef cut
Price is $4.50/lbs hanging weight. 
You pay the same price~ $4.50lb for hamburger and steak
Hanging weight is the weight of the steer after the processor has butchered him and removed the head and offal
The steer will hang for approx 2 weeks to age at the processor and lost some water weight and bone weight AFTER the hanging weight is determined
Most of my steers go in the fall after fattening on summer grass
Put a deposit on your half steer early~ they go fast when summer grass starts!

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Anatolian Shepherd Puppies!

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